Getting pregnant with normal periods

Review: trying to conceive, it can be difficult, but trying to get pregnant when your period can be frustrating and disappointing. If you do not have much time per month will be difficult to predict when it can produce. Irregular menstruation, does not necessarily mean that the prolific as a woman who can not predict the weather, but it could mean reducing the frequency of ovulation, therefore, are more likely to become pregnant each year. Menstruation does not necessarily reduce fertility - you may need to do a little difficult. Follow these steps, you can increase your chance to see the plus sign next to your pregnancy test stick.

Step 1: Fertility depends on ovulation, the egg is a healthy version of their ovaries. Of their irregular cycles, so that you can not predict when you ovulate, you should try something else. Women can not predict ovulation using ovulation prediction package (to OPK). These are sold in pharmacies and easily.

Step 2: You want to base your body temperature every day to learn to predict ovulation by monitoring your cervical mucus. discharge of cervical mucus from your body through the vagina - ovulation is fine, very comfortable, as the gem. basal body temperature is usually peak during ovulation - but wait! Study of the National Institute of Sciences concluded that opportunities for women to conceive, at the end of ovulation. Once you know that ovulation will help dress in touch with the best time for your body.

Step three: with yourself about the factors that can affect ovulation. Women who work fewer hours, or endurance training, such as marathons and triathlons, you can see that the imposition of a positive reduction in the welfare of your ovulation cycle. Women need a certain level of body fat ovulation law. Women who are obese, but the project will start to lose weight because obesity can affect your body's ability to ovulate regularly.

Step Four: Stop talking. It can be almost impossible to take a "Zen" as a child, but give it a shot. Try meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises - which to reduce stress. The pressure is counterproductive when trying to conceive, much less trying to get pregnant with irregular periods?

Your doctor if you have any serious health problems or trying to conceive for one year with no results.