Spotting and Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

If you expect, you probably already begun to feel your body change, and perhaps begin to pay special attention to diet, sleep and body signals. It is important to know what the pregnancy rate changes and changes can be problematic. Take, for example, monitoring the vagina during pregnancy. It's really quite common to experience symptoms such as pregnant women, although this does not need to consult with your doctor about the incident.

This is all complete, the amount needed to know about vaginal Tracking:

Let's start with observation. Imagine that you were sexually active during the fertile part of your bike. If you have a little bleeding 6-7 days (after fertilization) for a day or two, you may be suffering from bleeding implantation. Do not you know you're probably not even pregnant yet. This is when the fertilized egg in your uterus holes.

Often enough to bleed after sex or after an internal investigation or a Pap smear. This is because the blood flow to the uterus increases the pelvis.

He said that pregnant women should pay attention to the new small hemorrhage in early pregnancy. At present, it may be early sign of ectopic pregnancy or abortion, especially if accompanied with pain or abdominal pain. Statistics show that less than 50% of women experience bleeding during early pregnancy and abortion. However, if you had a ultrasound at 7-11 weeks, your chances of the pregnancy would be (more than 90%).

Or after sexual intercourse or research, for reasons not related to pregnancy monitoring. For example, a benign tumor (cervical polyp), vaginal infection (eg, pollution), or STD (such as chlamydia or countries) also observed this type of light bleeding.

What about the vagina? If you're not, really leucorrhea possible. Silteach Leucorrhea whitish liquid, odorless or slight odor. You may have noticed from time to time, in his underwear before you were pregnant. If you look better, this is partly due to increased estrogen production and increasing blood flow to the vagina. The vagina is the body's way of flushing the bacteria, and include, inter alia, cervical and vaginal provisions.

During the last months of pregnancy, vaginal discharge usually heavy and thick. Then there is the passage of mucus, jelly-like substance, and it is something that can happen for 1-2 weeks before birth.

Now, if you smell the white discharge and itching or burning or green or yellow discharge, you may be a fungal infection.

In one case, the changes occur during pregnancy, the rule of thumb, err on the cautious with your doctor if you consult. In other words, listen to your body.